The industry's most comprehensive ad quality solution.

Boltive gives publishers and ad exchanges the tools they need to not just monitor and audit their programmatic ads, but to identify the source & block the bad ones—setting a new standard for accountability & protection that our industry desperately needs.

At any given moment, more
than 28% of all ads on the
Internet are bad.

We believe that we can do better.

What is a bad ad?


Ads that fail to comply with industry standards, brand guidelines or approved media formats.

Suspicious and malicious

Ads that compromise sites with malware, malicious behaviors or embedded viruses.

Offensive and disruptive

Ads that autoplay with audio, redirect users to other websites or feature content that's innapropriate or irrelevant.

These ads damage the reputation of publishers and exchanges, and impact user experiences with pop-ups, redirects and long load times. The result: poor performance and lost revenue.


The average page load latency across the industry due to bad ads.

4.3 secs

The average ad-related page load delay.


The average annual revenue loss for an ad-supported website.

We're putting control back in your hands.
Boltive offers the most comprehensive ad intelligence platform, focused on bringing transparency and control to a chaotic programmatic world by helping publishers and exchanges manage their ad quality more effectively.

How it works

Monitor your inventory

Our technology uses a patented process for creating synthetic audiences and pairs that with live log-level user data to watch your ad inventory around-the-clock, looking for bad ads, suspicious behaviors and compliance violations.

Eliminate bad ads

Whether it's real-time automated alerts & reports or proactive ad blocking, Boltive's comprehensive ad quality tools track bad ads to the source and block the ones that don't belong on your site.

Improve ROI

Our data and analytics empower clients to enhance their ecosystem partnerships. Ongoing trend analysis provides new ways to assess traffic quality, while page performance insights help maximize ROI. How much are you leaving on the table?

Get started

We can integrate data directly from your ad server or push data to third party tools already in your tech stack. No complicated integration means it's easier to get started.

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