A better partner

We founded Boltive with a single mission: to clean up ad tech, and to be a great partner in the process. It's a role we continue to take incredibly seriously.

Blocking, scanning,
and insights.

Your Complete Solution

Our tech delivers proactive bad ad protection, live site scanning, and ad network insights that help publishers and exchanges take control of their programmatic advertising.

Protect your reputation, your user experience, and your ROI.

Here's how it works.

Our live site scanning uses patented technology that builds synthetic audiences and sends them to sites to mimic human behavior, capturing data on the quality of ads and highlighting the source of bad ones.

Our ad blocking technology seamlessly integrates within your existing ad environment to watch every impression and proactively block ads across a comprehensive list of threats.

  • Comprehensive: Our blocklist covers malware plus a host of issues that create a a poor customer experience, result in data leakage or violate your unique requirements.
  • Optimized: Protects all your inventory with minimal latency and a real time update process to catch new threats.
  • Seamless: Customize your implementation to ensure we focus on your key quality issues as well as your unique operating environment.

Our best in class reporting combines both blocking and scanning data into an Insights Dashboard that includes a network health score, customized ad thresholds, individual ad scores, partner trending, fraud analysis, log-level issue resolution, and much more.

Boltive restores control
to publishers and exchanges.


Pre-flight scans help exchanges ensure that creative meets guidelines for compliance, content and security before going live.


We can even identify the source of bad ads once they’ve gone live, helping publishers course-correct, block and manage partner relationships in real-time.


As a long-term partner, we can provide ongoing trend analysis that gives exchanges and publishers a deeper insight into overall traffic quality and demand source.

Get started

We can integrate data directly from your ad server or push data to third party tools already in your tech stack. No complicated integration means it's easier to get started.

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