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Ad Lightning Releases New Features To Help Publishers and Exchanges Manage GDPR

“We all know that digital ads can be Trojan horses, concealing numerous calls and responses from multiple data collectors each time they are loaded. This process can easily lead to unapproved collection and data leakage which GDPR was designed to eliminate,” said Scott Moore, CEO, Ad Lightning. “Ad Lightning’s new features give publishers and ad exchanges better optics into data collection and allow them to eliminate unsanctioned third parties.”

The sample log below represents the newest data security feature of Ad Lightning’s Insights Dashboard — i.e. information about which ad exchange or network is allowing which data collectors to draw from a publisher’s digital ad inventory. This information can be shared with the ad exchanges to determine which data collectors have contractual permission to be in the mix. Traffic can also be filtered by geography to break out the information by all of the European Union —home of GDPR— as well as by individual country.

Another significant new feature in Ad Lightning’s ad quality solution is the ability to place data collectors on an approved or unapproved list, a preventative measure which should reduce the need to extensively analyze the ad logs and a valuable tool for combatting unauthorized data collection.


About Ad Lightning

Ad Lightning is the digital media industry’s most comprehensive ad intelligence platform, focused on bringing transparency and control to a chaotic programmatic world by helping publishers and exchanges manage their ad quality more effectively. Ad Lightning’s live site scanning uses patent-pending technology that builds synthetic audiences and sends them to sites to mimic human behavior, capturing data on the quality of ads, highlighting the source of bad ones and proactively blocking malware and other types of unwanted ad units. Its Insights Dashboard includes valuable data and trend analytics, including a network health score, customized ad thresholds, Individual ad scores, partner trending, fraud analysis, log-level issue resolution and more.  More information about the company is available at or by following @AdLightningTech on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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