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Ad Lightning Launches new Ad Blocker

Seattle, WA, June 4, 2018 — Ad Lightning, whose ad intelligence platform helps digital publishers and ad exchanges manage programmatic advertising and boost ROI, has released an upgrade, which includes new ad blocking tools that give clients a significant new level of control over ad quality, as well as enhanced business-building insights. With these new capabilities, including an Ad Blocking Wrapper and Pre-bid Plug In, Ad Lightning now offers the industry’s most comprehensive set of solutions to help publishers and ad exchanges manage programmatic advertising by preventing potentially malicious, offensive or non-compliant ad units from loading on a publisher’s site.

“We provide an ad intelligence platform that’s bringing transparency and control to a chaotic programmatic world.  Our blue chip publisher clients’ have depended on our proven methodology to detect bad ads, but they were also demanding tools to block them, so we answered the call,” said Ad Lightning CEO Scott Moore. “Ad Lightning is now a one-stop platform which helps our publisher partners identify, block and report bad ads. Ad Lightning’s new tools give publishers additional air cover with stronger protections against a broader range of advertising threats across more browsers. We’ve taken the industry’s most precise ad scanning technology and bolstered it with the industry’s most effective ad blocking solution. The new Ad Lightning Blocking Wrapper stops bad ads from loading. In addition, our new Prebid plug-in delivers even greater ROI-boosting intelligence.”

“We initially came to Ad Lightning for their live scanning and data tools, but our real pain point was blocking malware and redirects. Their new ad blocker is solving that problem for us, said Marie Kiekhaefer, Product Manager, Sporcle.  “The Ad Lightning team is incredibly responsive. They incorporated our feedback to make the new ad blocker work for our set-up. Their team really seeks to understand and address our company needs.  

In Ad Lightning’s recent survey of 100+ Ad Operations professionals, the vast majority of respondents — 73% — cited effective publisher-side ad blocking as their most critical need. An additional Ad Lightning study indicated that nearly a third —28% of all Internet ads — are ‘bad ads,’ meaning they are oversized, malicious, offensive or non-compliant.  The full survey is available here.

How Ad Lightning Works:

Ad Lightning’s patent-pending technology helps publishers and exchanges take control of their programmatic advertising via proactive bad ad protection, live site scanning and ad network insights.  Ad Lightning identifies the source of bad ads, helping publishers course-correct, block and manage partner relationships in real-time. Built-in data analytics provide access to trend analysis and deeper insight into overall traffic quality helping to protect client's reputations & the experience of their users.  In addition, ad exchanges and sell side platforms use Ad Lightning’s scanning technology to help ensure that creative meets guidelines for compliance, content and security before going live.

Upgraded Features:

Ad Lightning’s new Blocking Wrapper integrates with existing tech stacks to watch every impression and block ads that don't meet each publisher’s specific standards.  The Blocking Wrapper detects problematic behaviors, domains and signatures and prevents unwanted creative before it renders on a page. The Blocking Wrapper and a new Prebid Plug-in also analyze creative attributes, giving publishers a real-time view of their ad delivery flow, compliance violations and overall health of their inventory partners.  

Additionally, Ad Lightning’s upgrade includes enhanced data capabilities which offer digital publishers and exchange clients best in class analysis tools to identify trends, detect malicious behavior and provide log-level issue resolution.

The enhanced Ad Lightning platform is available to publishers and ad exchanges for a free 30-day trial by contacting  More information on the upgraded version of Ad Lightning is available at


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About Ad Lightning

Ad Lightning is the digital media industry’s most comprehensive ad intelligence platform focused on bringing transparency and control to a chaotic programmatic world by helping publishers and exchanges manage their ad quality more effectively.  Ad Lightning’s live site scanning uses patent-pending technology that builds synthetic audiences and sends them to sites to mimic human behavior, capturing data on the quality of ads, highlighting the source of bad ones and proactively blocking malware and other types of unwanted ad units.  Its Insights Dashboard includes valuable data and trend analytics, including a network health score, customized ad thresholds, Individual ad scores, partner trending, fraud analysis, log-level issue resolution and more. More information about the company is available at or by following @AdLightningTech on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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