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Ad Lightning Continues Strong Momentum Into Q4 2018 Based On Strong Demand For Better Ad Quality

“With ad fraud and malicious advertising dominating headlines on a far too regular basis –wreaking havoc on advertiser trust —any legitimate ad tech player is completely fed up. Ad Lightning’s clients have come to us searching for new and better ad quality solutions, so we doubled our efforts to create the most comprehensive, one-stop platform to help them identify, block and report bad ads and protect data integrity.  As a result, we have demonstrated healthy growth in our customer base in recent quarters, doubled revenue, and are proud to continue to root out bad actors such as the fraudster Amobi as detailed in the press recently.”

Malicious Ad Blocking and GDPR Solution

In the first half of the year, Ad Lightning introduced a ‘bad ad’ blocking solution—that complemented its existing scanning and detection capabilities— responding to high demand by clients. The company also released a solution in Q3 to help clients better manage GDPR by providing greater optics into data collection and leakage, and allowing the ability to approve or deny data collectors.

New Publisher and SSP Clients

New clients signed by Ad Lightning in Q3 and early Q4 include publishers BuzzFeed, Lee Enterprises, Penske Media Corp.RTK, Slateand Zumobi as well as the Exchange/SSP Header Direct.

Jen Castillo, from Slate said, “We replaced our legacy ad quality solution to work with Ad Lightning because we want a holistic view of what was happening on our site.  We felt that Ad Lightning provided this information in a way that allowed all of our team members to utilize and action on ad quality issue.”

Early in Q2, Ad Lightning also secured an additional $2 million in seed financing, led by Flying Fish Partners and Pioneer Square Labs.

About Ad Lightning

Ad Lightning is the digital media industry’s most comprehensive ad intelligence platform, focused on bringing transparency and control to a chaotic programmatic world by helping publishers and exchanges manage their ad quality more effectively. Ad Lightning’s live site scanning uses patent-pending technology that builds synthetic audiences and sends them to sites to mimic human behavior, capturing data on the quality of ads, highlighting the source of bad ones and proactively blocking malware and other types of unwanted ad units. Its Insights Dashboard includes valuable data and trend analytics, including a network health score, customized ad thresholds, Individual ad scores, partner trending, fraud analysis, log-level issue resolution and more.  More information about the company is available at or by following @AdLightningTech on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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