Assessment: Redirect campaign spanning almost 1,500 sites over the past 7-days. Creative automatically drove mobile and desktop users to sites like inboxfunpoints[dot]com, 7daynews[dot]com, foxnewstoday[dot]com. ADL protected over 4.5M ads during the attack.

Affected platforms: Yieldmo, ReklamStore DSP


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Assessment: Nefarious campaign impacting 25+ different domains. An unwanted script injected via malicious browser extension used to hijack regular ad slots to load an Adskeeper unit. The Adskeeper unit then displays graphic "adult" content across the site.

Affected Platforms: Adskeeper

Assessment:  Redirect campaign targeting both mobile and desktop users with fake update messages.  Redirects have been identified and blocked across 120 domains and almost 20 different publishers.  The primary redirection tactic utilized WebSockets while other scripts proactively looked for the presence of ad quality software. 

Affected Platforms:  EMX

Assessment:  Detected and blocked a reoccurring redirect campaign impacting 50 domains.  Malicious ads drive mobile users to domains such as goodluckdog[dot]space.

Affected Platforms:  RhythmOne

Assessment:  Desktop redirect campaign targeting Safari, Chrome, and Firefox users.  Over a 3-day period, 1.2M impressions across 900 domains were impacted.  The redirects are being triggered by scripts hosted on various raxcdn and fastly domains.

Affected Platforms:  ADX, AOL, Index, Sovrn, Rubicon & RhythmOne


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